Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just realized this never published...August SLANT Box and Second Grade Success

Today was the first day of school, and my first time teaching second grade ever.  All in all, it was a great day. My students had smiles all day and we actually got a lot accomplished.

I even got their name art laminated and hung up to use as our writing wall.

I am striving to incorporate a lot more Whole Brain Teaching techniques in my classroom this year, so we spent a lot of time going over the 5 rules and practicing “Class, Yes,” “Teach, Okay,” and “Mirror.”  I was very impressed with how quickly they were catching on since they didn’t use WBT in first grade. 
After a successful first day, I came home to find my SLANT box had arrived! 
All of the goodies from Erica at Marshall in the Middle were the icing on the cake for me. 

I have never actually bought fancy colorful pens for my personal use, so these were a real treat.  I especially like the “flight” pens that Erica included as a play off of my blog name – The Traveling Teacher. 

Erica noticed my love for chevron in some of my products, so she included an adorable chevron bucket (which holds all of the pens perfectly).  In addition to all of the pens, she also included a cute post-it pad and a must-have in my classroom…Scotch laminating pouches.  I was just thinking that I needed to order more…Erica read my mind.  Thank you so much for your thoughtful gifts, Erica!  I can't wait to see if Wendy from 4th & 5th Grade Happiness enjoys the SLANT box that i sent her.

I really enjoyed the SLANT box experience this month, and can’t wait until next month.  You can still sign up for the September SLANT box over at Lessons with Coffee

September SLANT Box Reveal

I don’t know how you frequent bloggers do it.  I had great intentions of blogging frequently this year, but I just haven’t found the time each night when I get home from work.  Changing grade levels can be so much work!  AnywaysI am finally back to the blogging world to share my September SLANT box.  If you haven’t signed up for the October SLANT box yet, you should go over right now! It is so much fun to get to know another teacher and find the perfect items to pack into a box to send to her.  Of course receiving your box in the mail is equally exciting.  Who doesn’t like getting a personalized package in the mail?
This month, I was partnered up to send a box all the way to Alaska to the TongassTeacher. I was then partnered up with Lindsey at The Journey of a Beginning Teacher 
Lindsey sent me the most amazing box of goodies.  This month’s theme was “Oh my goodness! I can’t believe I forgot” Lindsey filled a Thirty-One bag full of items that will be a life-saver if I ever forget something in the craziness of a school morning:
Toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, a coffee cup, silverware, and a lint brush (with two dogs, this will definitely come in handy)

Lindsey also made me an adorable pennant banner for my second grade classroom.  I can’t wait to hang it up on Monday!
Lastly, she included a beaded bracelet that matches my classroom colors perfectly!
I hope to be back before next month’s SLANT box revealEducating can be scary



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