Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Happenings

I can’t believe that December is in full swing already.  This past week was chaotic with benchmark testing in math & reading and daily practices for the school-wide Christmas play.  I felt like I never had a chance to really teach this week, but my students are enjoying using my new product: ‘Tis the Season for Math Review Centers.  

The centers have been a great way to review most of the math concepts that we have covered so far this year including multiplication, division, fractions, rounding, and word problems.  While the students are working with their groups on the activities, I have been able to walk around to check for understanding and reteach when necessary.

I am excited to start a new writing project this week: My Three Wishes Holiday Writing.  

I have done this writing project for the past four years and the final products are always heart-warming.  Instead of students just listing what they want for Christmas, I have them choose one “gift” for their family, one for the world, and then one for themselves. The “gifts” they ask for for their families and the world often bring a tear to my eye.  Past wishes have been for more time to spend as a family and food for the world so no one has to be hungry.

My students will start by brainstorming the three gifts they will ask for with this sheet (in words and/or pictures):

They will then turn this into a five-paragraph essay.  I usually include this as a parent gift because they are so heart-felt. 

I have also included a holiday and winter version for children who do not celebrate Christmas.

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