Thursday, August 30, 2012

An Excitement for Learning

Due to Hurricane Isaac, schools were closed yesterday and again today.  I can honestly say that I was upset to hear that I wouldn’t have a full week with my new students. I guess that’s a good sign, and I hope this year continues to go smoothly.  My class is really coming together as a team. We are learning to work together and help everyone succeed.  This is my first year at a Montessori school.  I am slowly learning how to incorporate all of the amazing Montessori materials into my lessons.  I love how my third graders have been taught to be independent thinkers and workers in their previous 4 years at the Montessori school.  This allows me to serve as a facilitator (which studies show to be the most successful way of teaching) and I love it.  I have already seen excitement for learning in the eyes of my students.  We started off our year by thinking like scientists and asking scientific questions.  My students are begging me to research the answers to our questions and then share what they learned with their classmates.  I cannot wait to get back to school tomorrow to see all those shining faces, but I am thankful for the additional time to prepare my lessons for the next few weeks.  

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