Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord

Today I am linking up with Michelle from Fabulous in First for Sunday Smorgasbord. 
Here’s a glimpse at the randomness of my week:
This week I have been busy creating resources for my classroom and watching the World Cup. I’ve never been that into soccer, but I have definitely caught the World Cup fever this year.  I can't wait for Tuesday's game.
“I believe that we will win!”

My grade level decided that we want to incorporate exit tickets more regularly in our classrooms this year.  I focused on making daily math exit tickets that match up exactly with what we are teaching.  They are 1 to 4 questions that take up a quarter to half a page of paper. 

I think having these made and ready to go will really help us use exit tickets for formative assessments on the regular.  So far, I have made exit tickets for three of the seven math units.  I will continue working on the other units this week.
What have you been up to?


  1. I'm a huge fan of exit tickets. My kiddos have one almost every day!


    1. I definitely want to incorporate exit tickets daily. Just curious, do you have them pre-made or do you do them on the fly?




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