Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Made It & Facebook Fan Freebies

It’s Monday again, and time to link up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It.  

The first Monday Made It is a set of Classroom Sign Language Posters.  I have been using hand signals in my classroom for the past 3 years, and I don’t know how I survived without them.  I love how my students and I are able to communicate basic needs and wants without using our voices.  The signals that I use are inspired by New Management’s posters. I have tweaked them to be based on the American Sign Language alphabet.  The first year I used hand signals, I only used 4.  

Each year, I added a couple more for needs that my students had and wanted a signal for.  

Now my students and I use 8 signals on a daily basis. 

If you like my new Facebook page, you can get all 8 posters for free.  I will be adding a new freebie to my page each Monday, so stay tuned. 
My second Monday Made It, is my teacher binder. 
I didn't really create much for this one because I purchased Tiffany's chevron teacher binder from The Learning Effect.  Once I printed everything out, I put everything into a binder with dividers. 

I love how Tiffany thought of everything when putting her binder files together.  The monthly calendar layout is perfect for writing down important dates and information crucial for that month.
I am very excited to use the meeting notes format because I always seem to misplace my notes and never have a safe place to keep them. 
I did not print out the daily lesson plans our monthly curriculum map since they are editable, and I have not met with my new team yet. 


  1. I LOVE your sign language posters! I learned sign language as my foreign language in high school and I use it in my classroom...never thought to use posters! The kids have so much fun learning sign language during my Helen Keller unit and already have the background knowledge from the signs we use in the classroom. Great idea and thanks for sharing!

    Sliding Into Second Grade

    1. Thank you Kelly. That's awesome that you know sign language. I wish I had learned more in school. I was shocked how well the signals worked the first year, and now I will never go back.

  2. I love the sign language posters. I used to do some sign language with my students when I taught Kindergarten and first grade!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Thanks Alison. I think the signals could be used in any grade level. It really helps keep the noise down in a classroom.

  3. So adorable! Those signs are so awesome and your lesson planner will make it so much more pleasing to actually plan :) I love cute things! :) Newest follower right here ;)

    Just Keep Teaching

    1. Thank you Lindsay! Cute things definitely make doing work a little better. I think that's why I spend so much time decorating for the beginning of the year.




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