Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Made It

Happy Monday! I am linking up with Tara for Monday Made It
I am still in love with my Cameo Silhouette and finding ways to use it around the house and classroom.  
1. I have decided to go with a superhero theme in my classroom this year. The first thing I knew I needed to create was a cover for my students' take home folders.  
I have been using different variations of "BEAR" books for the last three years, and I love the constant communication between school and home.  Parents love these folders as well because they help their students learn to be organized and responsible. My next project will be to create the inside pages for the HERO folders. 
2. I pinned this I love you because chalkboard over a year ago.  After finding a cute framed chalkboard, I decided it was time to make this pin reality.  I just used my Cameo to cut out the letters on white sticker paper.  My kind of projecteasy and quick. I can't wait to use this with my fiancĂ©

3. Our new neighborhood is focusing on reducing landfill waste, so there is a stress on recycling and composting.  We immediately realized that our old trashcan was not going to meet our new needs.  I started looking online and was shocked that two and three compartment trashcans were $100 to $200! I also noticed that the compartments were too small to be useful.  While walking through IKEA, we found these simple trashcans for only $13.  We decided to buy 3 and when we got home I broke out the Cameo to label each trashcan.  I used blue cardstock and Mod Podge to attach the letters to the lid of each can.  So far, these trashcans are working out perfectly.
I realize it should say bottles & cans, but the "s" was cut off and I was too lazy to cut out a new one.


  1. Really cute! Love the "green" ideas. I'm working on nominating your blog for an award. I'll have it up later this afternoon for you to check out!




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