Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ten Pin Linky Party: Science and Social Studies Standards

Since this will be my first year teaching second grade, I have been spending my summer getting familiar with the second grade standards (both California State Standards and Common Core).  Ashley’s TenPin Linky Party is a great opportunity to explore some great resources for teaching the second grade science and social studies standards. 

1. The first pin is a great visual activity to teach students about rural, suburban, and urban communities.  I will definitely be making these triads this year. 

2. The second pin is a great resource for teaching science. I love the idea of using the essential questions to guide explorations and lessons.

3. The third pin is a picture book that can be used for introducing countries, flags, and laws.

4. The fourth pin is a great resource for teaching about the solar system. This two-week unit can supplement any science curriculum.
5. The fifth pin is a set of 102 vocabulary cards with definitions for teaching social studies.  They address the North Carolina Essential Social Studies Standards, but I'm sure the topics covered are similar to most state's standards. 
6. The sixth pin looks like a super fun culmination activity to do after learning about the phases of the moon.  What kid wouldn't like a science activity based around Oreos?
7. The seventh pin is a great hands-on sorting activity for practicing the jobs of the three branches of government.
8. The eighth pin is a collection of simple science experiments that would be great for teaching the scientific method.
9. The ninth pin is an adorable way to display students' animal reports. 
10. The tenth pin is a fun and engaging way to teach about different habitats. I used this in my third grade class last year instead of a Halloween party, and my students really enjoyed it and it was educational.

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    PS - I just taught my first year of 2nd grade and LOVED it. You are so blessed!

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